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At the end of 2018, I showed you, on Instagram, this little mockup made with the C4D software of my crochet project sheets. I also asked you if you would be interested if I made these available to you as downloadable files. You seemed pretty excited, so here they are !

Before getting to the download links at the end of the article, let me tell you a little bit about the different parts I have chosen to insert in this sheet.

The sheet

Crochet Project Sheets - Photo 01

The sheet contains several elements :

  • The project's name. Of course !
  • The pattern's designer and/or the book containing the pattern.
  • The start and end date of the project. I always find it nice to know when a particular project was crocheted and the gap (often very long for my part 😅) between these two dates !
  • The language in which the tutorial was written.
  • The place to glue one or more photo(s) souvenir(s) of this beloved (or not) project.
  • An insert to list the yarn(s) used with enough space to note the brand name, the yarn name, the colour and its reference.
  • The crochet hook(s) used.
  • The size of the gauge swatch to do. Example : 10x10cm = 24 rows x 21 stitches. When I don't do it because the pattern doesn't particularly require it, I just put a "/" in this box.
  • The size of the finished project.
  • An insert to list all the stitches used, such as magic circle, single crochets, double crochets…
  • A rating on five stars to color to see at a glance which projects are the favorite or not.
  • A place to tape the label(s) of the balls used as well as small samples of the yarns. For my part, I tape the label of the most used yarn if there are several. I also tape a sample of about 20cm of all the threads used in the project.
  • A lined space to write additional notes (ex : which crochet hook size for which part, for whom this project was intended, if the crochet hook was changed from the recommended one and why, a personal opinion about this pattern...) and any modifications made to the pattern (ex : more rows for the sleeves, the bottom of the bag enlarged to make it larger, edges not made...).
Crochet Project Sheets - Photo 02

The layout

I chose this layout because I wanted to put my sheets in an A5 binder, which is easier to store in a drawer. So I print the sheet as it is on the PDF, fold it in half on the middle, glue the inside so that it stays in place and punch the inner side with a small Maped perforating machine making 6mm holes. In images :

Crochet Project Sheets - GIF Animation

But you can leave it in A4, store it in a large binder, a folder, stick it in a notebook, print the additional note sheet (see link below) on the back... In short, it's up to you !

Crochet Project Sheets - Photo 03
Small customization of the binder with a pretty green felt 💚.

The links

If your notes ever go beyond the original sheet, here is another PDF, also to download, with a lined double page.

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