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Hello Yarn Lovers ! I wanted to take up this blog again with an article about creative organization, or rather, how I organize myself on a daily basis to find my way through all my current projects, my ideas for future projects… Which « forces » me to progress on only 2-3 projects at a time (and believe me, it’s tough… ahah).

The notebook

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In August 2015, I started to note my finished projects in a small A5 notebook with a color code to differentiate my creations from the realisations of others patterns. When it comes to my creations (green color code), I cleanly write down the pattern or I print a tutorial sheet if I have already put it in layout on the pc. If it’s a realiation from a pattern of another designer (purple color code), I specify whose pattern is this, if I made any modifications and if I liked it or not.

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In any case, I write down the material used (thread, crochet hook and other) and tape a small piece of the thread(s). I like being able to personalize my layout, paste my little photos, be able to write a ton of text and especially, write the title in « lettering » !

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Speaking of Lettering, I don’t really practice this hobby but I like, for this moment, to take the time to choose a beautiful typeface and to try to reproduce it.

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I finished my first notebook a little while ago and it’s very thick ! There is a lot of crochet since I started embroidering recently, but the notebook is very useful for me to list the embroidery stitches used, the color codes of the threads, etc.


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I discovered Trello, a website and mobile application, during my training as a web developer. At first, it was supposed to be used for a group project but I immediately saw another utility : write ALL my projects down !

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Source : Trello

Trello is a kind of table, with the insertion of lists containing cards. You create a card in a list but you can always move it from one list to another. Which is really very useful to move a project from To Do to In Progress for example !

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Source : Trello

I have a lot of lists :

  • To Do
  • Doing
  • To Put on Web — to remember to share my creation on Instagram, Ravelry, my Website and so on.
  • To Write Pattern
  • To Blog
  • Frogged
  • Ideas — which could be in the To Do category but for which I haven’t really thought about its design, materials etc.
  • Else — when I don’t know where to place a card.

In a card, we can write a title, a description, add a checklist, a label (I use it in the same way as with the notebook : creations or realisations) and other things that I rarely use as a deadline, but which can be useful for gifts or when you participate in a CAL or KAL for example !

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Thanks to Trello, no more thousands of little post-it notes scattered all over the place that we lose or forget ! And this for anything, not just manual activities : for menus, job searches… And little extra, your tables are customizable and you can make them public so you can invite people to participate !

Note : this blogpost is not sponsored by Trello. I just want to share with you a tool I use everyday and explain how it works, which may seem a little complex.

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