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Welcome to this new website via WordPress ! I'm gently writing blog posts again with a little Ten Tiny Things, just to make up for the lost time compared to the last one which already dates from August 2018, that is... one year ago ! I decided to keep this type of blog posts, which will be the only ones that are more personal than crochet, because they were close to my heart ! I like this short format of small joyful moments.

So, for this first TTT on WordPress, here are my twelve tiny things ! Yes, twelve : two little bonus because I couldn't decide. Have a good reading. 😊

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1- Have stopped smoking thanks to the e-cigarette since November 2018 ! 💪

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 02

2- Have this pretty pair of Dr Martens with heels as a Christmas gift : the Shriver Hi Dark Brown !

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Source : Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash (cropped)

3- Get my webdesigner end-of-training course diploma ! 🎓 You can visit my portfolio (which will soon be redesigned to become a professional website) here.

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Source : Google (cropped)

4- Have the fiber optic in my tiny little lost village ! 😄

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Source : BGE

5- Have contacted the BGE (a French network to support business creation) for a first meeting in April and then followed a one-month training course in business creation in May. I will soon be declared as a freelance web and graphic designer !

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Source : Google (cropped)

6- See the first season of the Haunting of Hill House TV show and : wow ! This season is great : the horror side is psychological and that's a good thing because it changes from gore to excess. I had some chills, especially at the end. In addition, I was amazed by these beautiful sequence shots during the sixth episode ! I am now waiting for the second season ! Have you seen this TV show ?

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 07

7- Go, with the lover, to the first edition of the Sama'rock festival, in the Somme, to see The Hu ! 🤘🏻 This band has a great talent, the atmosphere was great and I even got an autograph from Gala, one of the throat singer and Morin Khuur player ! You can see more pictures on my Instagram post here.

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 08

8- Have received, after a month of waiting, my birthday gifts from my darling ! (and wait another month before telling you about it on Instagram...) Everything is perfect : the mug with the famous Spike to Giles quote, the Buffy Anne Summers plectrums, the "Mr Pointy" pin, Buffy and Angel's DVD boxes, the superb "Sunnydale High School" t-shirt and the magnificent Willow grimoire that traces the whole history of the show and much more ! 😍😍😍

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 09

9- Finally finish my crochet website via WordPress, on which you are currently, after nine months of conception including one and a half intensively ! I am very proud of the result and to have achieved it !

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 10
Source : Google (cropped)

10- Finish the Lost TV show. What a surprising story, what a touching ending ! I loved it so much that it was placed third in my favorite series ranking, behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sons of Anarchy !

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 11

11- Shrink properly this t-shirt of The Hu bought by my darling during the Sama'rock festival mentioned above. It was too big of three sizes and I am proud to have made it, although I spent about fifteen hours on it, as the sewing machine is not my thing... To see before and after photos, go to my Instagram post here.

Ten Tiny Things 05 - Image 12

12- Spend a day at Merlimont beach to have a refreshing day during a scorching day !

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