Ten Tiny Things #04

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Here is the fourth TTT about these two last months to conclude August !

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1- Make a delicious and lactose-free homemade pizza !

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2- Going for a day to the beach, at the end of June, after many years without seeing the sea ! #HARDELOTPLAGE

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Source : Treeschell on Deviantart

3- Discover this song from The Raconteurs, one of the famous Jack White's bands. First attracted by the music and the intense singing of Jack White, I looked at the lyrics and wow... What a story they're telling us !

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4- Going to the restaurant for the first time since I know I am lactose intolerant and feast without pain ! Look at these vegetables !

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5- Crochet these beautiful bracelets from a pattern by All About Ami. I'm telling you about it on this Ravelry project page.

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6- Make some changes on my website La Griffe de Ghexia with the skills acquired in the last months and rework entirely my Portfolio. All that's missing now is the few ongoing projects to add for the latter ! Don't hesitate to give me your opinion, I will be very pleased !

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7- Receive a very pretty box from my mom and store my embroidery material in it.

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8- Take the time to transform a pair of pants that I didn't wear anymore into a pair of shorts (in four hours of hard time to figure out the cuff hems, ahah).

Ten Tiny Things 04 - Image 09
Source : Google

9- Finish to watch Breaking Bad, after a very first viewing ten years after everybody, and listen to these very good remix (compilation here) to make the pleasure last and to not leave the characters much quickly...

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10- Finally buy some good quality wooden plugs ! #14mm

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