Ten Tiny Things #03

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1- Go to the French shop "Action" ! For the moment, I have only used the cutting mat and I can say that for the price it does its job very well. I also took this little roll of fabric to experiment with clothes for my MilliGhexia !

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2- Discover the mobile app "Yummigurumi" of Box Crochet. Click on the image to go to the Instagram post and read my review !

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3- Start a new all blue project for my amigurumi. It evokes the sea, doesn't it ?

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4- Fall in love with this pair of scissors Premax ! I think they are the most beautiful scissors in the whole world, yes yes, just that !

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5- See the film Very Bad Dads 2 which was recently released. I really like the duo Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in Very Bad Dads or Very Bad Cops. The very offbeat tone of these two characters who have nothing in common is very funny ! So, in addition, if you add John Lithgow (whom I really liked in Dexter even if his role is completely different, hehe) and Mel Gibson, it's even better ! I also preferred this one to the first one.

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6- Go for a walk in a park which looks more like a trail with Monsieur S. It was very exotic to see all this unspoilt greenery, the small wooden pontoons, the animals... It almost seemed we had moved to a new region ! I posted some pictures on Instagram, if you want to see a little more !

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7- FINALLY see Ready Player One and in the cinema ! Unfortunately, we went to see it too late so there were no more 3D sessions, but it was already a visual slap in the face ! A good entertainment film with many references on pop culture, which was very pleasant. We really enjoyed it !

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8- Discover the new AMC tv show The Terror ! It is a show in one season of 10 episodes that has an impressive staging and set quality and a poignant story that takes us back to another time and another world. I don't think it's the kind of show that everyone would like, but if you've seen it, I'm curious to read your opinions !

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9- Stumble upon, at night, on a pretty street decorated with balloons.

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10- Finish the Phildar's top !

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