Ten Tiny Things #02

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I'm back for a second Ten Tiny Things under the theme of sun, mint, sport and movies and series !

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1- Finish the tatting edges for a t-shirt under the sun in the green space right next to my house.

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2- Enjoy myself on Amazon by ordering :
- Two new shuttles to simplify the projects requiring two shuttles and therefore avoid using a jacquard shuttle that helps out but is not really the ideal one.
- A picot gauge to replace my little piece of cardboard.
- A box of round-headed pins because all the ones I have are covered with a layer of dried nail polish because of blocking my tatting projects.
- And a set of tunisian crochet hooks made of wood bought for cheap. I don't know what they're worth, I haven't tried them yet. I don't expect much from them, actually (considering the price), I just want to get used to tunisian cable crochet hook !
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3- Discover myself a passion for the mint in a pot. I'm not interested in plants usually but when my mother brought me this mint in a pot, it was love at first sight ! I try to take care of it with my green novice thumb but right now, with the hot weather we have, it tends to fade very quickly despite the fact that I regularly water it (maybe too much ?). Do you have any advice on how to maintain the leaves, how to preserve them..?

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4- So, taste a good "real mint" tea with organic Chinese green tea bought in a grocery store specializing in organic, gluten-free and lactose-free products (among others).

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By Form Magnetic 200 of Décathlon.

5- Get the indoor bicycle that belonged to my grandfather. It is an antiquity of Décathlon that he had for quite a few years already, but it is still very well and works perfectly ! I've been wanting for some time to buy an "equipment" for indoor sports, such as a flat bike, step or stepper. Because I don't really like jogging and I always find an excuse not to do it : too cold, too hot, too tired...

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6- Play badminton with the darling. He bought me this set (the biiiiig net, two rackets and shuttlecocks) for my birthday 2 years ago. I love badminton ! I'd love to do it in a club, but that's not yet for now !

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7- Enjoy the beautiful weather, with feet in the water, in the lover's garden and finally taking the time to read the latest French magazine "Atelier des Nanas" !

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8- Rediscover the two first Terminator films that I hadn't seen since my childhood ! To be honest, I didn't have many memories of it, ahah.

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9- Take the time to make small shortbread from a recipe of La Fille à Rayures. I enjoyed it !

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10- Finish the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was the first time I watched it and WAW (!), it's a wonderful show full of beautiful meanings when you look beyond the simple teen show ! As with the Rocky films, we must not stop at the "hearsay". I was sad once the last episode was watched. I had become very attached to the characters (mainly Willow, Giles and Spike, my trio !) and to the atmosphere that emanated from this universe. To console me, there is still one season left of Angel that we watched (my darling and I) in parallel with Buffy. I intend to buy comics, even if I don't like this format, to continue to follow their adventures ! When you love something, you can override what you don't like, no ?

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