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This post is the first of a serie I wanted to launch, in order to share with you a little bit of everything and nothing, from my discoveries to my work in progress, including things that have nothing to do with my passions. A little like the Retrospectives I did at the beginning of the blog, but without the pressure to release an article every month, just as soon as I have ten things to tell / show / share.

I hope you will like this new type of article. 💚

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1- Make new little tatting glasses for my MilliGhexia, to replace those made of cardboard ! In this picture, I had fun embedding her in front of a brick wall made on Cinema 4D software.

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Source : Google

2- Discover Eddy de Pretto, a French singer-songwriter-performer. It's not a genre I'm used to listening to, but since the first song, "Fête de Trop", I loved the text and the music changes a bit from what we usually hear. In short, I'm a big fan of his album "Cure".

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Source : La Fille à Rayures

3- Get my portrait drawn by the talented and very kind Manon from La Fille à Rayures.

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4- Make you win on Instagram (french only) one of the two tatting dragons to thank you for being more and more many to follow me there ! We've exceeded 200, it may not be much for some people but for me it's huge !

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 05

5- Discover the Lego Technic (tardily, I must admit ahah), with my darling who loved it when he was a child. We built a model from the 90s, this very large aircraft ! I have to admit that toys for kids back then were much smarter than they are now...

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 06
Apollo 13 movie, 1995.

6- See the movie Apollo 13, based on the real story of the eponymous mission. My lover is an astronomy fan and, since we've been together, I've become a little more interested in it. I didn't really know about this mission and this film transcribed it very well. There are almost no mistakes, everything went more or less that way. It's also very well done and personally, I was really into what the characters were going through !

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 07

7- Sewing the second tatting dragon on a t-shirt ! I love it, and I'm currently making edges, always in tatting, for the sleeves, with the same thread to remind a bit of the dragon and so that it looks less "appliqué laid there like that".

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 08
Source : easyb.org

8- Be admitted to a Web Designer training course ! It started last Monday (April 16th) and will last 9 months. I would therefore be a little less present here and on Instagram but I would do my best to give you news of my progress, and, above all, to take time to crochet !

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 09

9- Having finally taken the time to do the post on MilliGhexia's first outfits ! I am very happy to have come to the end, between writing and retouching the multiple photos, proofreading, etc., it is not always easy to find the time ! Find it here if you haven't read it yet.

Ten Tiny Things 01 - Image 10

10- The beautiful weather that gradually returns between two cold and rainy days and the days that are getting longer and longer !

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