Small Log Book 4 – Immersive game and not much crochet

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Hello Yarn Lovers ! The end of the strict confinement here in France is fast approaching. I'm finally going to be able to see my darling again soon ! Being very home-loving and a freelancer, these almost two months of confinement haven't changed my habits much, but it's starting to get stifling.

In any case, I hope that you and your loved ones are well, that you are careful and respectful of the barrier gestures. Feel free to tell me how the last two months have gone for you, what you've done, creative or not.

Here, only one finished project since the last Small Log Book because I got "caught" in a very immersive, surprising and refreshing game (and no, it's not Animal Crossing !) but I'll talk about it at the end of this article !

Finished project

MilliGurumis' Prototype : Ava

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I finished the woman prototype of the future MilliGurumis : Ava ! I even made her some little underwear, so she won't stay naked like that. I'm writing an article about it with lots of details and pictures, so I won't develop more here ! #StayTuned

Work in progress

Tiny tokens bags

Small Log Book 4 - Photo 03 Small Log Book 4 - Photo 04

It's the last push for this project ! All the big parts have been crocheted and assembled, only the small details are remaining to make the flat stay in place ! And I'm already in love with these little bags. *.*


Small Log Book 4 - Photo 05
Source : Unknown Worlds

And here is the famous game : Subnautica ! A game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment and released in final version in 2018. My darling, who was attracted by this game since the early access, bought it during the confinement and, by dint of talking to me about it, I succumbed to the temptation ! He then offered it to me and… we spent hours and hours on it, in such a short time ! I was unable to come off the game because the gameplay and the story were so captivating and addictive ! And in the evenings, we told each other what we had explored and found during the day and we'd take turns watching each other play via Skype or Steam.

Small Log Book 4 - Photo 06 Small Log Book 4 - Photo 07
Source : Subnautica game

This game was clearly welcome during this confinement, it allowed us to escape to another universe, on another planet full of surprises ! And I think I can say it is one of my favorite video games !

We haven't finished it yet, we still have a little bit of work to do but we don't want to leave this game for the moment, even if we play to it less now. In any case, we can't wait for the sequel, Subnautica : Below Zero, to come out in its final version !

Small Log Book 4 - Photo 08 Small Log Book 4 - Photo 09
Source : Subnautica game

If I have intrigued you, by my enthusiasm and by the images, I invite you to find out a little more about it and if it tempts you, then go for it, you won't be disappointed !

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