Small Log Book 3 – Yarn shelf and Ava prototype

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Hello Yarn Lovers ! I should have posted this article earlier, between mid-March and the end of March. But, with the confinement, I didn't feel like writing. I rather wanted to take the opportunity to do more crochet (you'll see later in the article that I've made good progress on the female prototype of the future MilliGurumis) and to play The Witcher 1 (my current universe !), among other things. And I'm still enjoying it !

I am also working on a page for this blog/website which will be a little French guide on crochet techniques like crochet hooks sizes, stitches, chart symbols, glossaries with some abbreviations and so on. It's quite long but I see the end ! And I hope it will be useful to my French fellows ! 🙂

Finished project

Filet bag for toothbrush

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 01 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 02
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 03

In December 2017, my darling built me a nice little piece of furniture to put my toiletries in. It was named the "Cotton holder" since, at first, it was only supposed to contain my little crochet cotton pads. A few months ago, I wanted to upgrade it by adding a small filet to hold my toothbrush. So we made a little hole on one side to pass two chain cords to tie them and hold the filet and I then crocheted it.

I made this project quickly for this need so I didn't write down the exact explanations, but here are some informations :

  • 1,25mm and 1,75mm crochet hooks
  • Multi 8 light blue col. 360 thread
  • Stitches used : single crochets and slip stitches

Work in progress

I've made a lot of progress on two projects : the female prototype of the MilliGurumis, which we named Ava with the darling, and the tiny tokens bags.

MilliGurumis' Prototype : Ava

Because pictures are better than words, here are a few work in progress pictures :

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 04 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 05 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 06 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 07
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 08

As said in the first Small Log Book, this is not an original design but a pattern from Handmade by Mrs. Owl on YouTube to which I am making my changes. I now have to do the head which will take me quite some time since I don't intend to crochet it right on the body. I have an idea how to make it hold and how to rotate it easily but I'll tell you more about it if it's conclusive !

In any case, for the moment, I am very very happy about it ! The body shapes, especially the buttocks and hips, are exactly what I was trying to do with the old prototype ! I'm a bit sceptical about the chest, though... To be seen during the creation of the first "real" character if I did something that I shouldn't have done. After all, as long as it allows to create relief under the clothes, it's the most important thing !

With this design, it is also the first time I try to crochet "wrong side out", which means from the inside to the outside. I love the rendering of this stitch for the amigurumis, especially "humanoid", I find it much neater even if it's a bit confusing at first to crochet this way ! What do you think about it ? Have you ever tried crocheting like that before ?

Tiny tokens bags

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 09 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 10
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 11

The small bags are progressing very well too ! I made the longest part of each bag : the main strip with the flap and the border. I prefer to make each bag at the same time to make sure I have more or less the same tightness and size between each bags. Next step : the sides of the bag to give them depth !

I'm completely fan of this color set ! All the bags except the gradient blue are made with Maxi Sugar Rush from Scheepjes. It is very pleasant to work with this thread : it slides well under the crochet hook, it doesn't split and the colors are beautiful ! *.*

I'm hoping to finish them before the end of confinement. Just like for the Ava Prototype by the way ! To be continued...

Handmade yarn shelf

The heart of this Small Log Book : I present you the yarn shelf ! It was our project of February with the darling but I couldn't prepare everything to tell you about it in time in the previous Small Log Book.

Originally, all my balls were in different crates stacked on top of each other in my closet. It was always an ordeal to go and get some yarn because I had to remove, each time, everything that was put on it (I didn't think about taking a picture of the "before", sorry ^.^). So, we thought about how we could arrange the whole thing so that it would be more convenient to have access to it.

You should know that my darling loves working with wood and that he is very talented at it (he built the magnificent "Cotton holder" mentioned above !). So we had the material for my future furniture and I immediately thought of the storage in square boxes that you can regularly see on the web to store balls !

To work on something simple and entirely do-it-yourself at a lower cost, we chose to use pallet boards. So we ordered 30 boards, already removed from the pallets, of 60cmx10cm (23.6"x3.9"). While waiting for the reception of these last ones, we had made a 3D model, on the Cinema 4D software, in order to have a good visualization of what we wanted.

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 22 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 23
The 3D model of the shelf.

The boards we received were not all in good condition and fortunately we have ordered more than expected, just in case ! What took us a lot of time, and especially for my darling who gave of his person and his hands, was to work on them to make them exploitable, pretty and with (more or less) straight edges. And, in order to have more depth in the shelf, we had the idea to glue two boards of the same size on the length to have 20cm. So we had pairs of planks.

To make the boards fit together, we had opted for both trunnions (kind of small wooden sticks, see the second picture below) and flat angle brackets. The trunnions are embedded in the feet of each floor, in a hole previously drilled, to fit into the holes of the console of the floor below. The brackets were used to assemble the legs to consoles above and to the dividing planks.

Before drilling and placing the trunnions and brackets, we had cleaned the boards with some "Sel d'Oseille". Despite what was written on the label, it didn't really whiten the wood, but at least it was properly washed !

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 12 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 13 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 14 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 15

Once the piece of furniture was assembled and placed in the closet, I was able to store all my balls ! I sorted them by color ranges (neutral, warm tones, cold tones) and by materials (cottons, other materials). It was the most satisfying step, although it was a bit of a puzzle to get all the balls in there ! I cheated a bit by putting the ugliest balls, which I don't know what to do with, in the blue bags at the bottom of the shelf. My goal : to not buy any more yarn until I've freed some space !

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 16 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 17 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 18 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 19 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 20 Small Log Book 3 - Photo 21

In the end, the piece of furniture may not be very straight and has little holes, but isn't that the charm of handmade ? And it was made with love, it fulfills its function perfectly, it is beautiful, it holds in place and it smells wood wonderfully ! *.* So thank you so much to my darling for this beautiful shelf. 💚

Homemade cleaning product

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 24

I made this disinfectant and cleaner product at the beginning of March. After a month of very regular use to disinfect furniture and objects and to clean the spots on the floor (left by the cat for example), I'm very satisfied with it ! Especially in this period of Coronavirus...

The recipe : Pour, directly into the bottle, 30cl of water, 7.5cl of white vinegar, 1 tsp. of baking soda and a bit of washing-up liquid. Close the cork tightly and shake lightly to mix before each use. Caution, it can foam !

You can also put a few drops of essential oils (of tea tree for example) to add cleaning properties and/or a better smell than vinegar. Not having any on hand, I didn't put any but I note to buy some for the next time !

Small pleasures

Small Log Book 3 - Photo 25
Photo : Before baking. Homemade lactose-free flammeküeche (except for the paste which was industrial). It was very good for me but a little bland for the darling so we will improve the recipe for next time !
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 26
Photo : French game "Destins". "Tournament" of board games with the darling. Started before confinement, we still have half the games left to play, but it's been really fun !
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 29
Enjoy playing the first game of The Witcher and learn more about the universe through videos from a French YouTuber !
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 27
The Facehugger's pattern added more than 500 times to the Ravelry favorites. Thanks a lot !
Small Log Book 3 - Photo 28
The mint that comes back to life with the good weather ! *.*
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