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Hello Yarn Lovers ! February is already over at lightning speed and March has already started well. This second Small Log Book is under the sign of cats, movies and series. Have a good reading ! 😊

Finished projects

Cat bed

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 01 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 02

I told you a bit about this basket in the previous Small Log Book. Unlike what I showed you in this article, the basket is yellow with thin green stripes. There was a little setback with this project : I wanted to use my stock of acrylics to empty it but I quickly ran out of apple green acrylic and, as it's a large/long cat, I had to add more rows, so that it doesn't feel too tight !

So as I had a little more than two big yellow Red Heart Dallas balls left and didn't know how to use them, I jumped at the chance. Then to make sure I had enough yarn and to vary the colours, I used the dark green Woll Butt Dialara balls that I had started for the first version of this basket.

In the end, and as I feared, he doesn't really go in it (except when I put him inside it, to take pictures of him !)... But hey, it's a risk to take when we're crocheting for our furbags !

Informations :

  • 6mm (J) crochet hook
  • Red Heart Dallas yellow (2,2 balls)
  • Woll Butt Dialara dark green D-4008 (1,2 balls)
  • Pattern by DankFiber Designs
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Cat feeding mat

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 03

Yes, this is the beginning of the first version of the basket that ends up as a feeding mat ! No waste or useless projects !

The round repeats the beginning of the DankFiber Designs tutorial, i.e. crochet in double crochet in double strand. I stopped at 160sts for a diameter of 44cm (17.3"). I used a 6mm (J) crochet hook, Woll Butt Dialara dark green D-4008 and Complesso apple green 238.

Door hanger cat toy

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 04

While I am about it, I wanted to crochet some toys for this little cat. I started with this one, to hang it on a doorknob or just to take it by hand. As in the tutorial, I inserted a little bell in the ball.

But I only crocheted this toy, even though I've seen others (especially little mice) because the only thing he plays with is... a shoelace ! Absolutely nothing else interests him and it's not for lack of trying !

Informations :

  • 4mm (G) crochet hook
  • Red Heart Dallas yellow
  • Woll Butt Dialara dark green D-4008
  • Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn
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Blue owl

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 05 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 06

My paternal grandmother loves owls, her house is full of them in all shapes and forms : in fabrics, wood, ceramics, small, big... But it didn't seem to me that she possessed one made out of crochet. It's now done and she even ordered me a mini owl in a keychain !

This pattern is super nice to make , the different parts are varied and quick to crochet ! On the other hand, there is a big sewing step that gave me a lot of trouble, especially to place the wings correctly...

Informations :

  • 3,5mm (E) crochet hook
  • Woll Butt Topflappengarn off-white (13267)
  • Light blue, dark blue and orange unbranded cotton
  • Pattern by Moji-Moji Design
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Embroidered washclothes

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 07 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 08

Here is one of the two secret projects for my darling : these embroidered washclothes (including one for me !). I've always found so nice to bring a little touch of personalization on the household linen and I'd like to do it on bath towels too in the future.

It wasn't easy to find washclothes with a canvas area in more "adult" tones : most of the products being intended for young children, the colours were very pale, very light... But, after a lot of research, I finally found !

I started by looking for two nice typographies : one for the first names in large and one for the nicknames in small. I then reproduced them on Excel having counted the weft beforehand. Regarding the realization, I didn't have too many difficulties except when I had to embroider at the bottom of the canvas, where the access is not easy...

Informations :

  • 100% cotton Rico Design washclothes with 15/21cm canvas area (one black, one water green)
  • 100% mercerized cotton Mouliné Madeira embroidery thread in black (2400)
  • 100% polyester Action embroidery thread in apple green
  • Method : cross stitch

Work in progress

Apart from the cat bed and the embroidered washclothes (one of the two embroideries for my lover), I am still on the same in-progress as the last month. I didn't touch the amigurumi or the crochet shape pillow, I only slightly progressed on the tiny tokens bags. Well yes, other unforeseen projects have been added to the list !

Tiny tokens bags

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 09 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 10

Some pictures of the progress...

And then what ?

I started to crochet a mini filet bag to put my toothbrush in. Not very glamorous or clear when said like that but you'll understand once I show you all this !

And if I find the time, I plan to crochet the little keychained owl requested by my grandmother and a tunisian crochet bag for my medicine. And then I really need to make progress on the threads to fasten off of the Temperature Blanket !

Alias, the little big cat

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 11 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 12 Small Log Book 2 - Photo 13

All the little crocheted things were made for this little big cat ! He used to hang out in my darling's garden from May/June last year until he moved into his cabin in autumn. I totally fell in love so after a complete check-up, a vaccine and all the necessary treatments at the vet's, I brought him home on January 21st ! Isn't he too cute ? 😻 We named him Alias Balboa. Yes, Balboa like Rocky, for his little bump on his nose and his ability to unlock the cage door with his head !

Movies & series

This month of February was rather rhythmed by movies ! While I'm usually more attracted by series, the only ones I watched were more than half of Kaamelott (a French TV show) and the beginning of For All Mankind.

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 14
Source : Google

Kaamelott is a French comedy medieval fantasy TV show created, directed, written, scored, and edited by Alexandre Astier. Based on the Arthurian legends, it followed the daily lives of King Arthur (Astier) and his Knights of the Round Table in Camelot.

I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the series and to love it so much ! It's much less stupid than what many people think... I even find that it's the best french series that exists so far !

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 15
Source : Google

This Apple TV+ series is an alternate history in which the Soviet Union walked on the Moon before the United States. So we follow the ongoing space race.

I really like the idea and the atmosphere of this first season : the 70's are very well transcribed, the events are very often coherent with what could have really happened... In short, I recommend it if the subject interests you !

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 16
Sources : Google
  • "Comment c'est loin" (How far away is it), with Orelsan and Gringe, a rap duo, is a French movie : "After half a decade of doing next to nothing, Orelsan and Gringe are in their mid-thirties as they struggle to complete their first rap album".
  • The entire saga of the French "Asterix & Obelix" films except the first one. The second one, "Mission Cléopâtre" is really excellent ! The others are rather very bad...
  • The "Conjuring Universe" movies. We have seen them in the chronological order of the events of the films and it's not bad to see them in that order. I find "Conjuring" 1 and 2 very good and "Annabelle" 2 and 3 rather good. The other films are uninteresting or even bad... But it was nice to follow this universe as a whole !

Halo: Master Chief Collection

Small Log Book 2 - Photo 17
Source : Google

My darling offered me for Christmas the games "Halo: Master Chief Collection" on Steam. I played the first three games a lot as a child and, not owning an XBOX anymore, I dreamed for a long time of playing them again one day.

Well, I couldn't play it right away because of an error that prevented the game from opening. When I finally found the problem (the Avast anti-virus apparently), I discovered the first game in chronological order of events, Halo: Reach, and I'm enjoying playing again Halo: Combat Evolve, the game I played the most in my childhood !

New home page

Last little thing : I've changed the design of the home page of the site. Now, there are the last 5 articles of the "Tutorials" section and those of the "Diary" section. I have also added a small link to the latest MilliGurumi, in anticipation, even if for the moment it's still the old MilliGhexia you already know ! What do you think about it ?

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