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Hello Yarn Lovers ! This year, I'm introducing a new type of blog post. Yes, again (!), because I can't post as much as I'd like to. So I'm gathering everything under a unique blog post which will be published punctually. I will talk about my last creative projects, my work in progress in crochet, tunisian crochet or embroidery, but also about more personal things. There will be no more "Ten Tiny Things" articles since I will put here the more "personal" content. But don't worry, there will still be, of course, the tutorials, inspirations and so on ! By the way, there is currently a "tip" article in the making… 😉

So this first blog post is a kind of a little retrospective of 2019 ! I hope you'll like it and that I'll be able to have time to post several "Small Log Book" entries this year !

I also wish you all the best for the New Year. May 2020 and this new decade bring you a lot of happiness, success in your projects and, of course, creativity and time for yourself !

Projects completed in 2019

In 2019, there were, unfortunately, only 12 finished projects. Among the 12, only one was a pure creation, the "Lantern Filet Bag". I don't count the "Bag Handles" since I was greatly inspired by images found on the Internet.

I suggest you to go to my Ravelry projects, whose links are below, for more information and photos !

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 01

Work in progress

I have a loooot of work in progress (as I'm sure many of you do 😜) and most of them were started years ago. So, here only are the projects I am currently working on :

New prototype : MilliGurumis

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 02 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 03

I began a new amigurumis' prototype, named the MilliGurumis, which will replace the MilliYarns and thus the MilliGhexia as you know her. New shape and new size to come so… I won't tell you any more because it's far from over and there'll be an article on it when the time comes. I can only tell you that, this time, it won't be an original pattern. Indeed, I found a tutorial that explains exactly what I was trying to reproduce in vain, I only make a few small changes !

"Crochet Shape" Pillow

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 04 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 05

This project is an original pattern that I began in 2017 and which is slowly but surely progressing. I crocheted all the little grannys and I started to gather them. Once done, all I have to do is sew the two parts together and find how to stuff it ! Then, there is a good chance that I will make a tutorial of it !

Tiny tokens bags

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 07 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 08
Small Log Book 1 - Photo 06

My darling created, with a bit of my help, a card / board game. This game has tiny tokens referring to elements (fire, water, ice, soil, light…) and they each have a dominant color. To protect and store these small handmade cardboard tokens, I got the mission to crochet these little bags, one for each element. For now, only the fire element (orange) is finished. The lightning (yellow), the ice (blue gradient) and the darkness (purple/bordeaux) are in progress.

Cat bed and toys

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 09

I will soon welcome a small fat cat at home (😍) and, to pamper him, I am crocheting this pretty cat bed for him, hoping he'll go in there ! I also plan to crochet two-three toys (this one and that one).

Embroideries for my lover

Two embroidery projects are in progress and will be offered to my lover. So I can't tell you any more about it and show you any pictures…

Temperature Blanket

It is a project that is still in progress but I wanted to tell you about it separately, since it's a very long project ! I'm done crocheting every day of the year. To make the final shape more square-y than rectangular, I chose to split the year in two : a band from January to June and a band from July to December.

Here is a small recap in photos (which you can also find on my Ravelry project) :

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 10 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 11 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 12 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 13 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 14 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 15 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 16 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 17 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 18 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 19 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 20 Small Log Book 1 - Photo 21

So all I have to do now is fasten off aaaaall the threads (and I insist on the number of "a" in, "all " !), make a border on the two parts, sew these two parts together, crochet the words "Wicres" and "2019" and sew them on the blanket. In other words, I still have a lot of work to do

Personal changes in 2019

Bye bye fringe !

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 22

Since July 2019, I let my fringe grow. It wasn't easy to get used to it at first, but now I like it, even if it's still short ! Gone are the days when I had to cut my fringe every week..!

Zero cigarette

Since the purchase of my first electronic cigarette in November 2018, I still have not returned to a single "classical" cigarette. So it's been over a year ! I am proud of myself so I wanted to put it down here.

Instagram ?

Some of you may have noticed, I haven't really been on Instagram for a few months now. I had less and less time to go there and ended up not going at all, without really realizing it at first. Now I don't really want to go on it anymore. I sometimes log in from time to time to see if I have (or haven't) had any notifications, but that's all. Also, after so much time, there are so many posts "to catch up" that it doesn't make me want to go back to this very time-consuming social network… However, I still read the blogs I'm following, even if I don't always leave a word !

Goals for 2020

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 25
Magnetic bookmark of LovelyScrolling on Etsy

Every new year, I like to set little goals and see the following year which ones I have accomplished and/or at which extent. I make it without pressure, that's why I call them "Goals" and not "Resolutions" ! Here is a list of these goals :

Creative side

  • On Ravelry, I have indicated wanting to complete 12 "Others Patterns" projects, so of other designers.
  • This year, I would like to write one or two new original patterns. There are a few of them waiting to be properly written down and others that I have to finish making. I would like to create my first tunisian crochet pattern too, but that's probably not going to happen right away !
  • I have got many articles ideas for this blog/website that I would like to set up. Let's just get started !
  • Finally, I would love to finish the new MilliGurumis' prototype I was telling you about earlier to begin to create a small collection of real and fictional characters !

Personal side

  • Continue to be regular to do "sport" at home (which is more fitness) including buying a step to complement my workout.
  • Seriously get back into learning English in a deepened way in order to offer you, among other things, better translations !
  • Read a total of 8 books over the year and start the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. It may not seem a lot to you but I'm a veeery long reader !

The Witcher

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 23
The Witcher game (Source : SensCritique)

Like many people I think, I watched the new Netflix series, The Witcher, at its release. I didn't know anything about this universe before December 20th and, even though I had a bit of trouble getting into the story proposed by Netflix (notably because of the timelines), this series made me want to know more about it ! So I planned to buy the books and I am currently playing the first game on Steam (thanks darling !). For the moment, I'm very excited and it might become a big favorite !

Player One

After seeing the film at its release, I wanted to read the original work of Ernest Cline. It is the last book I have read in 2019 and the story has nothing to do with the movie, even though it was pleasant to watch, even if I think that one single movie makes the general issue much less important since everything happens too quickly... They should have made a trilogy out of it ! Coming back to the book, I really loved the plot, the development of the characters, the criticism on society and technology, the video game side that intrigues but scares... In short, this book left a lasting impression on me, I recommend it to you !

Pantone 2020

Small Log Book 1 - Photo 24
Source :

Every year for over 20 years, Pantone chooses the new "Color of the Year" for the coming year. In 2020, this one is the Classic Blue (19-4052), a enduring blue hue suggestive of the sky at dusk, as described on Pantone's website.

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