Crochet Inspirations : Fall

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Hello Yarn Lovers ! Welcome to a brand new type of blog post : crochet inspiration articles ! If you are interested in this kind of post, let me know in the comments. You can also find future inspirations here.

Crochet Inspiration : Fall

Fall is coming and, from what I see on Instagram, it's a season you really like. So I wanted to make a small selection of nine crochet and tunisian crochet patterns that are part of my To-Do list or that simply caught my eye. I warn you, I like cardigans, so there will be a lot of them. There is also a pattern for men, because we must not forget to pamper our own with a small soft sweater... 😊

I would like to point out that this article is not sponsored and that I do not earn money with the links of the article, I just share this with you for the love of crochet !

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