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Hello Yarn Lovers !

Following the series of the two blogposts about the design of my MilliGhexia here and there, it was planned that I would make a post about her first outfits. I finally took the time to write it and here it is !

This post is quite long, so make yourself comfortable with a good tea, coffee or hot chocolat ! 💚

The glasses

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 01

They are the last thing I crocheted but I wanted to talk about them first because it is a change that is definitive. I told you about it on instagram and many of you loved it !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 02

For these glasses, which therefore replace those made of cardboard (which I already told you about there), I used the technique of shuttle tatting.

I recently returned to this hobby, especially with the dragons : one that I offered to my darling, one that I kept to myself and one that was given to you. It was during the realization of these last two that my lover gave me the idea of making glasses with this technique, wondering why we hadn't thought of it earlier. Not one, not two, a few days later I was working on it !

I used Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush in black because it is a color that fits with everything, although my glasses are not. It took me no less than 40DS to get the correct size of the circle (which is a lot) !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 03 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 04 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 05 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 06

So I made a ring of 40DS, a small chain of 3DS (for the "bridge" leaning on the nose) and a new ring of 40DS. The branches, on the other hand, were made in crochet. Once finished, I blocked it all with clear nail polish by placing pins in the right places to get the shapes I wanted, then sewed the branches to the rest.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 07

TA-DA ! Here she is with a new pair of thin and refined glasses of which I am totally a fan of !!!

The winter scarf

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 08
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 09

Let's go back now to the order of the clothing realization with the winter scarf. I simply cast on 6 stitches of a 3 / 4mm acrylic yarn on a 5mm (H) crochet hook and made a tunisian crochet stitch called the tunisian extended simple stitch until I have 27cm (10.62") length. I finished by adding small fringes at the ends.

The rings

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 10
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 11

I'm a huge ring fan, so I couldn't not make rings for my avatar ! These rings were quite delicate to make since, because of the little fingers, they had to be adapted ! To obtain a very small result, I used two strands of grey embroidery thread together (because I wear silver / steel rings) and crochet them with a 1mm (11") crochet hook. I made three of them as this is the number of rings I wear most of the time.

The winter sweater

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 12

The very first "real" garment I wanted to make for my MilliGhexia was a sweater and guess what... a knitting one ! Yes, you read it right ! I have just a few skills but, as I like the look of knitted sweaters, I thought it was the opportunity and that it will be muuuuuuuch faster than making one for me, ahah. I used 3mm needles and a forest green acrylic yarn leftover. In the end, it wasn't that easy and the seams to join the front, back and especially the sleeves gave me a hard time !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 13

The neck being completely failed, I tried to fix it by making a crochet border. In the end, I don't think this little sweater is so bad, but I knew I could do better with a crochet hook !

The tank top

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 14
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 15

After the sweater, and it seems to me that we were arriving in summer at the time, I left out the "big stitches" (everything is relative, ahah) for something thinner and lighter. What a better way to do that than with a little tank top ? I used a 2,5mm tunisian crochet hook and Uno A Ritorto 8 in black. I made a rectangle in Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS) with some increases and then placed snap fasteners on the edges so that the top could easily be put on and closed. Finally, I added thin straps by making a chain to connect the front to the back.

The two-tone tank top

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 16

My darling has started to do it too ! Even if, at the beginning, he had designed it for another character (still kept secret), in the end it was MilliGhexia who inherited it ! He used black Uno A Ritorto 8 and thin purple thread as well as a 2mm crochet hook. He added a small button and a buttonhole while making the border to be able to close the tank top. Isn't it superbly done ?

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 17 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 18

Since the beginning of our relationship, I've introduced him a bit to crochet and, even if it's not his thing, I'm happy to share it with him, especially since he's always good advice. 💚

The slim pants

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 19

Don't you think there is a lack of trousers ? It's nice to have all these tops but without pants, it's not very decent !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 20 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 21

Still with the black Uno A Ritorto 8 and a 1,25mm (10) crochet hook, I crocheted in single crochet by regularly increasing and decreasing to have about the same shape as the legs. The single crochet being very tight, the pants could not "stick" to the legs.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 22 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 23

I used the Foundation Single Crochet (FSC) technique to get a nice look on the bottom of the pants. I finally added some details with back pockets, a "fly cover" and loops to be able to wear a belt later !

The fabric pants

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 24
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 25

On my way, I made an other pair of pants. I had collected jeans scraps from a grey overalls and this fabric was so thin that I thought it would be perfect for a little crocheted character ! But sewing is not my thing. I do have a sewing maching at home but... So I did some researches to create my own pants pattern (pattern found here) and tried to adapt it to MilliGhexia.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 26
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 27

To avoid wasting the few scraps I had, if I was ever mistaken, I made a jig with this... beautiful purple fabric with orange owls ! Once the pieces wre cut, I sewed... by hand. It was so small that it didn't work with the machine. If you have any ideas / advice on how to get it done with it, I'll be so happy to know ! Because by hand it's long, very long... especially with the very small hems. Anyway, I managed it quite well and once the pants were on my amigurumi, I found the combination of crochet and fabric stunning ! Not you ? I will try this type of clothing again when I have made some progress in sewing, which is not for now (ahah).

The shoulder bag

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 28

Unlike rings, I'm not a big fan of bags in general. For a bag to really please me, it must meet several criteria that my boyfriend will be happy to quote you hehe ! For this bag, I was inspired by one of the two bags I like the most : the small shoulder bag. It closes up with a zipper (which I didn't make here, much too small), has a flap, two outside pockets and, of course, a shoulder strap !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 29 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 30

To do all the things said above, I used a 1,25mm (10) crochet hook and once again this famous Uno A Ritorto 8 in black color.

I attached two small belt buckles, bought on a website specialized in doll stuff, on the body of the bag on one side and on the ends of the shoulder strap on the other. It looks so much better with this little detail ! Speaking of details, I wasn't going to stop there. I "customized" it as it is in real life by adding the two little fringed pompoms, a little berlingot and tiny buttons (bought in the same website as for the belt buckles) to make badges.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 31

Finally, to keep the bag closed, I sewed a tiny snap fastener. A second bag, which will look like the one I like the most, is in preparation of realization !

The loose pullover

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 32 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 33

Second try of a pullover but in tunisian crochet this time, always to have this look of jersey and ribs. I noticed several things when I made the first green sweater : if the amigurumi has a big head, it is difficult to put on the garment unless you have a large neckline (and therefore a too big a sweater). But a large neckline didn't look very good, so I had to find a way to do it differently.

And Mr. S had (again !) a good idea : to add one or more snap fasteners. Simply leave an opening behind with two small overlapping strips and sew them at this place. The result is perfect because the pullover fits well and is very easy to put on and take off !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 34

So, this sweater has a round neck, is longer behind than ahead and has ribs at the ends. It was made in Tunisian Extended Knit Stitch (TEKS) and Tunisian Reverse Stitch (TRS). I used a 2,5mm tunisian crochet hook and Rico Design Essentials Crochet in light grey.

The Christmas hat

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 35

This hat, that you probably saw on Instagram, was crocheted last year for Christmas, in a hurry. I did it so quickly that I didn't write down anywhere which yarn or crochet hook I used. Originally, I wanted to make her a complete Christmas outfit but, as usual, I did it at the last minute so I only had the time to make the hat. You might say that this is already ready for this year !

The Dr Martens

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 36 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 37

To get a complete outfit, all that was missing was the shoes ! Since I've only been wearing Dr. Martens for almost 8 years, the choice was obvious !

I started by sketching how the shoes were going to be made, then I chose my colours from my stock of thin cotton : Mouse Grey (11) from Rico Design Essentials Crochet for the soles, black Uno A Ritorto 8 for the junction between the sole and the body of the shoe as well as for the label and laces and a flashy yellow embroidery thread for the famous characteristic seams of Dr Martens and the writing on the label. All I needed was the dominant color, the color of the shoes themselves ! During my first try, I chose the color Sage Green (212) in Maxi Sugar Rush from Scheepjes but I finally fell back on the color Bordeau (750) from the same brand because I found the green too light.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 38

Still on the first try (which was a complete failure), I saw what was going on and what was wrong with the construction of the shoe : the sole was much too big and it looked more like après-ski than Dr Martens.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 39

For the second attempt, also in green, everything was fine except the sole. It was by starting the third time that I decided to use the bordeau color and that I managed to make a sole that suited me perfectly !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 40
The final version (left), the second try (middle), the first try (right).

In addition, thanks to a piece of cardboard placed at the bottom of each shoe, my MilliGhexia has become stable and can stand alone !

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 41
Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I had mostly taken them for myself while working on the shoes in the evening.
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 42

All I want to do now is : make a lot of Dr Martens in all the colors !

The belt

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 43

And finally, the little detail that does it all : the belt ! When I was telling you about the slim pants, I had already planned to make a belt since the loops were already created.

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 44

It was my darling who took care of the first version of the belt. Like for the first glasses, he had used paper that he had folded and folded over itself, then coated with glue and painted. However, when we wanted to make holes in it to put a belt buckle, it broke... He advised me to make another one with a scrap from faux leather.

So I equipped myself with this scrap, a pair of thin scissors, a cutter, strong glue, a piece of rigid cardboard with clothes pegs, black sewing thread, a small belt buckle, a 1,25mm (10) crochet hook and Uno A Ritorto 8 yarn in black. Yes, so much material just for a tiny belt... But rather than with words, this time I will explain briefly with another small gif (again, I worked in the evening so the quality of the photos is bad, sorry... Hello also to my cutting board, ahah ! If you want a clearer, more detailed tutorial with better pictures, let me know !) :

MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 45

I'm pretty proud of this belt !


  • Glasses (tatting and crochet) : shuttle tatting – 1mm crochet hook – black Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush
  • Winter Scarf (tunisian crochet) : 5mm (H) crochet hook – 3 / 4mm acrylic
  • Rings (crochet) : 1mm crochet hook – 2 strands of grey embroidery thread
  • Winter Sweater (knitting) : 3mm needle – 3 / 4mm acrylic
  • Tank Top (tunisian crochet) : 2,5mm crochet hook – black Uno A Ritorto 8
  • Two-Tone Tank Top (crochet, made by my lover) : 2mm crochet hook – black Uno A Ritorto 8 – thin purple thread
  • Slim Pants (crochet) : 1,25mm (10) crochet hook – black Uno A Ritorto 8
  • Fabric Pants (sewing) : grey denim – dark grey sewing thread
  • Shoulder Bag (crochet) : 1,25mm (10) crochet hook – black Uno A Ritorto 8 – 3 strands of green and grey embroidery thread – two small belt buckles – small buttons – small snap fastener
  • Loose Pullover (tunisian crochet) : 2,5mm tunisian crochet hook – light grey Rico Design Essentials Crochet – small snap fasteners
  • Christmas Hat (crochet) : ?
  • Dr Martens (crochet) : 1mm crochet hook – 1,25mm (10) crochet hook – 1,75mm (6) crochet hook – Scheepjes Maxi Sugar Rush Bordeau (750) – Rico Design Essentials Crochet Mouse Grey (11) – flashy yellow embroidery thread
  • Belt (DIY) : black faux leather – scissors – cutter – strong clue – rigid cardboard – clothes pegs – black sewing thread – small belt buckle – 1,25mm (10) crochet hook – black Uno A Ritorto 8
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 46 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 47
MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 48 MilliGhexia #2 : First Outfits - Photo 49

I have a lot of ideas for future clothes and outfits and even for some "cosplays" ! But you'll find out when the time comes ! 😄

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