About La Griffe de Ghexia

What is La Griffe de Ghexia ?

A crochet website containing :

  • My free and to purchase patterns.
  • Blog posts of methods, tips and inspirations.
  • Galleries of my creations, realisations and little amigurumis called "MilliGurumis".
  • "Small Log Book" blog posts where I talk about my finished projects, my work in progress and more personal things.
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After going through several names when I discovered creative hobbies, such as "Ghexia's Craft" and "Ghexia's Yarn", I finally chose "La Griffe de Ghexia" in 2016. A first handmade site was initially designed to display my creations. Then, a blog, via the Blogger platform, was quickly created to tell you more about the realisations based on patterns from other designers. It was at the end of 2018 that, tired of having to juggle between these two websites, I began to design this one, on WordPress, in order to bring everything together in one place. I also decided not to do any more blogposts on my feedback on others patterns : I'm doing it now on Ravelry.

Why did you choose this name ?

Note : "La Griffe de Ghexia" means "The Ghexia's Claw" in French.

"The Claw" refers, on the one hand, to crochet, the only creative hobby that has turned into a passion among those I have tried ; a crochet has a curved shape, a bit like a claw. On the other hand, "La Griffe" also evokes someone's "style", relative to their universe and their way of creating. This way, I wanted to avoid the "Ghexia's Hook" and other things that can be seen commonly.

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And who is Ghexia ?

Photo About Ghexia

My name is Gaëlle and I have been passionate about crochet since I discovered this wonderful hobby in summer 2014. I adore playing with any type and size of yarn : amigurumis, shawls, pullovers, bags... everything goes under my hook ! I love pop culture : video games, TV series, sagas and books, especially of Fantasy and SF, and this inspires me in the creation of my patterns and in the choice of my realisations. What do I like the most about crochet ? You can do absolutely everything with just a thread and a crochet hook !

A few little things about me :

  • I learned to crochet with an amigurumi. So it took me several weeks to master the magic circle and its increases and decreases...
  • I've been using the nickname "Ghexia" on the web since I started to play online video games, a long time ago.
  • I like the universe of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Skyrim, Harry Potter, XCOM and Halo, old (and not so old) rock'n'roll music and Dr Martens.
  • I am also passionate about webdesign and integration web.
  • I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in 2017. Goodbye Nutella, goat cheese, chocolate ice cream cones and raclette cheese...

This website and the blogposts and patterns it contains are made by passion. It's not my professional activity ; I do all of this passionately in my spare time.

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