Who am I ?

Who am I ?

Discovery of crochet

Throughout summer 2014, I discovered the crochet technic while surfing on the web. The very first thing I have seen was a cute little metalhead amigurumi. At this time, I didn't know anything about crochet and even less those amigurumis. I found it both cute and original. I was so interested therefore I spend the whole night discovering things we can do with this technic and looking for patterns. Two days later, I bought my very first crochet hooks and ball of yarn.

At first it wasn't very conclusive because I wanted to learn everything at once and, mainly, to make an amigurumi ! I didn't know, at the moment, that the magic circle was hardest to learn than a chain. However, stubborn and full of determination, I managed to subdue the crochet fast enough as I spend all my days crocheting. My very first creation was that :

My first creation !

Just a green ball which I attached two buttons to make the eyes and a little flower. I was so proud of me to succeed ! Even if it's not perfect at all (and it's totally ok), it stay the very first amigurumi I've made !

Since, I make a lot of things : always amigurumis, accessories, decorations, bags, clothes… and some craziest things ! That's why I love crochet, we can do everything we want with just a thread and a hook !

Why "La Griffe de Ghexia" ?

First of all, and you surely understand it, because Ghexia is my pseudo. Then, "Griffe" means claw and to me it looks like a crochet hook, which has a curved form, like a claw. I also choose this name to avoid the "Ghexia's Crochet" and other names we commonly see. That's why my logo is my hand with the index finger progressively changing into a crochet hook.

Creating the crochet hook hand